Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Twilight Victoria 2010

Today’s Friday Girl is a recent find and I only decided to use her at the last minute. She is Victoria from the Twilight series. I’ll tell you where she came from in another post.

I always quite liked this doll and considered buying her new but she was a bit expensive and I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do with a Vampire girl. I liked her original outfit very much but unfortunately this doll came nude so I’ll have to keep looking for that.

I haven’t had a chance to fix Victoria’s hair properly yet. I just combed out the tangles. You will see more of her in a future post. Her outfit is one that I recently bought but hadn’t used yet so she is just borrowing it.

If by some chance you are not familiar with the Twilight franchise you can see a photo of Victoria in her original outfit here.



  1. I think she resembles the first movie actress but whichever way I would gladly send you her outfit because I’m wanting ti dress her as a witch.I still want the blonde Jane doll but might fudge with a pale lea face doll.That she’s a Ginger is tops w/ me, your outfit is great. If you want me to send you the outfit sans doll just e-mail me where to send it.Great blog.Totally cheered me as hubby dropped the 3 hour roast,and is in a sour mood.

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