Op Shop Dolls: More Fixer Uppers

Part One

Naomi and I went to Wynyard to do a few errands and browse in our favourite secondhand shop. I was looking at yarns when she suggested popping into one of the local Op Shops to see if they had any cheap dolls for me to clean up. There are four Op Shops in Wynyard, City Mission, Lifeline, Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul.

We had bought a few things at the second-hand shop but after carrying them back to the car we backtracked to Goldie Street to check out Lifeline’s Op Shop. Naomi said that she just had a feeling that there would be dolls there. There were too, in a couple of boxes we found over a dozen fashion dolls for $2 each. Most of them had some faults, several had bad haircuts and some had damaged hands. Some were chewed and a couple looked as if the owner had tried to heat them up to change the shape. They were splayed and squashed flat. These poor girls did not come home with me because there was not much I could do for them. The rest had messy hair and were dirty, some were very dirty but dirt is fixable.

I chose six dolls in the end. Here they are.

Op Shop dolls $2 each

I still have to finish doing the ID’s for these dolls but so far this is what we have.

  • Twilight Victoria – she was a find I may keep
  • Fashion Fever Drew Wave F – I think this is who she is.
  • Belly button body Barbie I feel like the necklace should be a clue.
  • Belly button body articulated arms Barbie – I wonder if she is a ballet Barbie?
  • Mattel Disney type doll with moulded on mauve pants- this one has me stumped.
  • Simba Steffi Love – I don’t know which one she is.

Here is a photo of Wave F Drew. What do you think?

Today I gave all the girls except Victoria a bath. She was not as dirty as the others and although I do want to fix her hair a bit better it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t have water available when I was getting her ready for her photoshoot this morning as I had turned the pump off so I could bug bomb the laundry. We have an outside laundry/bathroom and there were a lot of spiders in there.

They all scrubbed up quite well and I will show their before and after photos over the weekend.



    • Yes she was. I will be keeping that one. I looked at a few Disney girls and was leaning towards “Tangled” but didn’t know how the pants fit in. I’ve only seen pictures of Disney princesses in dresses.


  1. Oh, you’ve got some treasures there. And you’re going to have a lot of fun fixing up these girls. My personal fav is Drew with those cute freckles, but Victoria is gorgeous.

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  2. Bug bombing the laundry sounds a serious enterprise! You are very hardy with all the spiders. I hope tasmanian ones are friendly. I like the Drew and the Elizabeth. I also have a fondness for the Steffi Love faces but they are quite numerous over here and turn up a bit too often. Good luck with all the hair and the outfits. Re the purple legged girl, I didn’t realise the Disney Princess line had trousers either but her face does look like the Tangled Rapunzel.


    • I found which Rapunzel she is. Apparently, there was a series of Disney Princesses issued with horses. I’ll post a link later.
      We had a lot of trouble with spiders when we first moved here, the house had been a bit neglected and we’re still working on it. The outside laundry and bathroom has a hole in the door, cut out for a dog so insects get in. We assume most spiders are not friendly. Huntsman spiders and daddy long legs aren’t that dangerous but Naomi hates spiders and moths.


      • I don’t blame Naomi. We’re lucky with most of our insects here in that bites are usually not serious. I don’t envy you the bug bombing but I’d certainly be doing it too!

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  3. Some lovely girls here. I like Victoria too. Looking forward to seeing the before and after pictures. I am with Naomi on not liking spiders. In the UK here our Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee.I am making a OOAK Sindy. In red, white and blue to mark the occasion. I haven’t seen any commemorative dolls on sale. Has anyone e!se?


    • I haven’t heard of any. I guess it is going to be a rather low profile Platinum Jubilee. Makes me feel old to think I was in England in 1977 her Silver Jubilee year and does not seem so long since I watched the Diamond Jubilee I think it was on TV and marvelled at the Queen and Prince Phillip standing for the entire Thames barge trip in horrible weather.


  4. I remember 1977 Silver Jubilee..I was 10 at the time.There was Royal Occasion Sindy and Mary Quant Daisy in a Britannia union flag dress. My friend had the Royal Occasion Sindy. I now have the outfit but minus the parasol.

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