Fashion Doll Friday: The Travellers

Today I thought I would do something different for Fashion Doll Friday. I was down in the doll room trying to decide who to feature and taking a few photos of some dolls we dressed the other day for fun. Instead of a regular Friday guy or girl I thought I’d share these photos. The four friends, Gigi, Zane, Tris and Maverick are heading off for a winter break. In their world things like pandemics and travel restrictions don’t exist.

The Fashions:

Gigi is wearing the top, coat and scarf from a Fashion Fever Closet, her pants are from an eBay seller. Her bag is also from the FF Closet.

Tris is wearing the jumper, jeans, boots and sunglasses from the Fashion Fever Winter Blue Closet. Her sleeveless jacket is from and older Fashion Avenue or pre–Fashion Avenue set and her hat is from a recent eBay buy.

The boys are mostly wearing clothing that Naomi recently bought them from eBay sellers. Zane has a leather briefcase for his laptop and other essential items, the trolly case is from Pilot Barbie. He also has a camera. Maverick has a leather backpack which you can’t see well in this photo, an old school portable CD player and his guitar.



  1. The four friends all look great. Wouldn’t it nice to be in their world right now! No pandemic and no restrictions. I think we’re all looking forward to when those days come back. I hope they enjoy their winter break.

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