Market Rescue Dolls Makeover: Part Three

Just a quick post today to show you Wee 3 Friends Lila, and Fairytopia after their tidying up.

Lila had lost some hair plugs so I couldn’t do a lot with her but she is still cute. I gave her some of the cast-off clothes from the other dolls to wear for now.

Here is our Fairytopia Barbie. The mark came off her face and her hair looks better but I may give it one more go as there are still a lot of loose bits. I haven’t made her an outfit yet but I found a tutu she can wear for now. I may try to fabricate some wings too.

I was going to show you Jo Jo Siwa today too but I’m still not really happy with her so she will have to wait for another day. Instead here are a couple of photos I took of Victoria after I had washed and conditioned her hair. Her outfit is one I recently bought from an eBay seller in China. It is quite a different look for a Vampire isn’t it? I have included the “Before” photos so you can see the difference.



  1. They all look much happier now 😁. I can see you are going to have to expand your dolly wardrobe at this rate. The China outfit is very pretty and I’ll be interested to see how you fabricate wings.

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  2. They certainly do look happier now. Lila has wonderful green eyes. Victoria has amazing hair and the yellow outfit looks great with it. Barbie is much improved too. Keep up the amazing work and the posts. We all look forward to them.

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    • I have really missed doing it. There is something very satisfying about taking a doll that is stained and dirty with crazy hair and transforming her into a doll that can be displayed or played with.


  3. I think you’ve done a great job fixing up the dolls! The soccer outfit looks good on Wee Friends doll, the fairy Barbie is cute, simple outfit sometimes is best. As to wings, some pink nylon tulle maybe glued on a very thin white plastic(or plastic canvas??) shaped wings? It could have a single snap added or lazy me possibly would grab a small paper clip to try clipping to the back of a shirt/dress/extra cloth bodice. (I have a friend that used Liquid Porcelain to dunk fabric/lace/ribbon or using a small paint brush to brush it on, shaping it into bows,etc and letting it air dry. But that probably would be too heavy to put on Fashions dolls.). Always interesting to see what you come up with for your dolls! Is Naomi doing a lot better?

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