Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel High School Stacie 1988

I took a deep dive into my crated dolls to find this week’s Friday Girl. She is High School Stacie from 1988. You have to love how Mattel keeps recycling names. How many Stacie’s and Chelsea’s have we had over the years? Different spellings but same name.

So, this Stacie is a friend of Barbie’s long-lost cousin Jazzie. Jazzie had two friends Stacie and, you guessed it, Chelsie who is a redhead. I have her too but not Jazzie herself.

Stacie is wearing her original outfit minus a white top. Not sure about the shoes either. As you can see, she has the Steffie face sculpt.

If you would like to see High School Chelsie I’ll try to find her for an upcoming post.



  1. High School Stacie is a charming doll. I love all the vibrant colours of her outfit. If you can find your High School Chelsie it would be greeat to see her, too. Maybe even show the two dolls together. I do find the re-use of names annoying when I’m trying to identify a doll.

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  2. Stacie is a beautiful doll. I agree it would be better to have some new names though, there are plenty to choose from. I sometimes keep the name and will change it if I already have a doll with that name. I have a Stacey who is a 1974 Barbie with the Stacey headmold. She is on the Readers Gallery page receiving a valentines heart from Ken

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  3. Very sweet and fun. Why can’t they just go to the popular names of the day..or from books..I like mandy, Jessica..yeah Jem was Jessica, Erin, Laura..Jing,Tina..what-ever..I rename dolls too but it’s good to know a little when going to Kattis dolls etc.Fun blog..she loos so sporty I’m sure she’d have some great adventures.

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