The Travellers

Here are our four travelling friends again dressed to beat the chill in the air.

  • Maverick is wearing a ken jumper, his jeans, boots and beanie came from eBay.
  • Zane is wearing a jumper and jeans bought from an eBay seller in China.
  • Gigi is wearing jeans from the Hillary Duff Closet, jumper from an FF fuchsia themed closet and Anko sneakers.
  • Tris is wearing the original outfit of Fashion Fever Teresa Wave B.


    • They are and that drives us crazy too. So much so that Naomi has pretty much given up buying Mattel outfits and spends her money on whatever nice outfits she can find on eBay. She’s good at mix and match too so she can create outfits out of random pieces.


  1. A warm looking bunch! I adore sweaters/jumpers.. on any all dolls.If I managed to follow patterns better I’d have them for all my Mego dolls with melted arms.Plus I love yarn caps for my bald clones.I am still jonesing/wish-list for Four, but Tris is hanging out w/ my Hunger games and Twilllight dolls.You are making me see how Fabulous they are in winter I will be scouring my fave sellers for puffed vest or coats/etc..My Littlechaps have a few coats/clone..that get traded around a lot as they fit over clothing.Hoping to take a tonner pattern to try layering. Maybe do soe Hogworts caps or scarves. Even years are clothing years for my and Naomi are giving me too many ideas!

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    • It is a shame that Mattel has pretty much given up making winter clothing. There never was enough of it. I have two Fashion Fever Closets with knitted sweaters although they are rather short in the waist. I also have a couple of Fashion Avenue jumpers but that’s not a lot. I might knit some myself but I’ll use knitting cotton because wool makes them too bulky. I suppose as Barbie lives in Malibu it doesn’t get cold much.


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