Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie Signature Looks Ken 2021

Our Friday Guy this week is the brunette Signature Looks Ken. Well, I suppose he is Ken, they never put his name on the boxes any more. He has quite a handsome face and we like his long hair.

There is a bit of a story attached to this guy. Naomi decided to buy him from overseas because she had not seen him here at a good price so he was sent from the USA and came with the carrier DHL who we think handed him over to a local courier for the last part of the journey. He was quite a long time arriving, which we expected; it’s how things are these days and we live in the country. However, she did become concerned when tracking showed that he had been delivered but she still didn’t have him. We occasionally receive this message when an overseas package arrives in Australia and is delivered to Australia Post or some other carrier. After that we heard nothing and Naomi was considering whether or not to start a case with eBay. She didn’t really want to because it was not the sellers fault the parcel had gone astray. They had done all the right things.

Well, today we went out and when we got home there was a message on the phone. It was the owner of the house across the street from us. She said she’d just brought a friend down to stay at her shack and found a parcel addressed to Naomi sitting on the porch. We don’t know this lady. The house is used as a weekender by her family and friends and we occasionally see people over the road but we’d never met any of them. I went across the road and retrieved the parcel which the lady said had probably been there for a couple of weeks because the house had been empty. It was a Walmart box so I knew straight away that it must be Ken. The box was damp and a bit battered and so was Ken’s box despite the careful packaging but once he was liberated from it, we could see he was fine. His hair was a little damp but that’s all.

How lucky was that? What a good thing we live in a community of honest people.

Ken will get a new name and a new outfit soon. His own is fine but I have it on reliable authority that Zane wants those silver pants so he’s probably going to lose those and get some nice jeans. I’ll post photos of him when he’s been restyled.



  1. Wow, you are so fortunate that your doll remained safe and the lady was nice enough to let you know she had the parcel. The face sculpt and long hair are awesome. I’ll look forward to seeing how you redress him.

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    • Yes, he was obviously there for a week or two, probably since Naomi got the delivered email and it had rained on a couple of those days. Luckily she was planning to debox him anyway because his box was not much good.

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  2. I think this headmould is called Cam. I’ve been hoping this wave would be available here as Wave 1 was, I really don’t want to buy from OS. I suppose if they don’t come here, I’ll save some money, lol.


  3. Another of the new dolls I want as well as the AA male.I know a Ken that would absolutely swipe the pants! Plus a Fishermans sweater and jeans would add him to my Twillight gang as Jacob and Reneseme”s son.

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