Op Shop Dolls: Fashion Fever Drew Wave F

Remember Drew from my last Op Shop haul? I have spent a little bit of time on her, mostly trying to recreate her original hairstyle. This was a doll that I did want when I was collecting Fashion Fever dolls. I do have two other Drews but I was rather attracted to this one. However, I never saw her at the shops or online at a price I was prepared to pay. I’ve often seen her listed as rare. I don’t know if that’s true. eBay sellers like to say that.

This is how she looked in original condition.


I didn’t realise she had those loose strands of hair as well as the plaits so I’ll have to redo them. Never mind.

Here she is when I found her, after the first attempt at doing her hair and now I think that is the closest I can get.

I do think her original outfit is cute. I’d like to have had it but none of my FF girls are in their original outfits now so it doesn’t really matter. Maybe I’ll come by it one day.

In the meantime, her she is in an Anko party dress.

Drew in Anko Party Dress


  1. You did an excellent job on Drew’s hair. I think the reason Fashion Fever dolls are considered rare is because anyone who has them is holding onto them. They are so much better than the Fashionistas. Thank you for the link to lotusdolls. There are a lot of good photos on that site.

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    • I always see that particular Drew listed are rare but you are right people do hang on to their Fashion Fever dolls because they were better even though they didn’t have articulation.


  2. She’s a good looking doll, and I do like the original outfits. Some of the clothes from these dolls are very well done. Modern ones, not so much. I always wonder why there are so many clothes packs these days, but perhaps they are just to expensive to produce.


    • I don’t see a lot of fashion packs here but the ones I do see seem very poor quality. Naomi said that she has seen Ken outfits where the collar and tie are printed on to the material. The Fashion Fever outfits were great.


  3. She’s lovely. I can also see her as a bride in a crème dress. She’d make a great Mary Jane as in Spidermans’s girlfriend. Cuter than the Barbie one..also looks like she would rock anything with books.

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  4. She is a beautiful doll with amazing hair. You have done a great job recreating it. It is true that fashion outfits are scarce and what is available is not great quality. Bring back the Times when you could get lots of fashion for your favourite doll, although as a child I could never afford very much. We usually bought Faerie Glen because they were a bit cheaper and made the rest!

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    • Yes Faerie Glen made some very nice clothes for dolls of all sizes. We never had a lot of original fashions and that is kind of the reason I started collecting them as an adult I guess. However, some of the generic outfits in the 60s and 70s were pretty good quality especially compared to today. There isn’t even as much being produced now compared to the years of Fashion Avenue and Fashion Fever when there were so many outfits to choose from that I couldn’t have bought them all if I had wanted to. Playing with fashion dolls used to be about the clothes. I’m not really sure what it’s about now.


  5. The 60s and 70s fashions were definitely better quality. The dolls themselves were better in that they had more articulation The Fashionistas are good for diversity but they would be better if even their legs could bend, especially when you are trying to
    do a photo shoot and they don ‘t do what you need them to

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