Fashion Doll Friday: Hasbro Disney Mulan 2020

Our Friday Girl today is Hasbro’s Disney Princess Mulan from the live action film. Naomi got her for me in Burnie last week as she thought that I might like her.

I was very happy to find that unlike most Disney dolls I come across, Mulan looks realistic and does not have those huge “Disney eyes” which I don’t care for. She is simply made, no articulation at knees, elbows or wrists. She is 11 inches tall, noticeably shorter than Fashion Fever Drew who I measured her against. Later I may try her in some Anko or Fashionista outfits to see what fits her. Her feet are rather large though and I have a feeling she’ll be difficult to fit.



  1. Your Mulan doll has a beautiful, calm-looking face. Her red dress is lovely, but it will be interesting to see what she looks like in other fashions.

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  2. It’s all about the face isn’t it. She has a lovely face as Elizabeth says. I do like brown and black haired dolls too. There are not enough of them about. Very thoughtful of Naomi too.

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  3. Lovely doll., reminds me somewhat of the Cho Chang Harry Potter doll,who wears clone clothes quite well.Have to see if I can find this one for this years xmas donations.Great find, Naomi has great taste.

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  4. She has a beautiful face and would look good in bright colours such as golden yellow, orange and cerise pink. Looking forward to seeing her in other outfits.

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