Sindy Update

The other day I read on a Facebook page that there will be a new collection of Sindy playline dolls later this year and today I found this image which I hope that they won’t mind me borrowing.

There are not a lot of details as yet but as soon as I hear any more news, I’ll share it

I don’t do Instagram myself but those of you that do can find the original post there and on this website.

Sindy Play

Photo from Sindy Play website

So far, these dolls have only been on sale in the UK at Sainsbury’s and Argos. There doesn’t seem to be a plan to bring them to Australia yet but as they are doing a new collection, I’m hopeful that it will happen one day. I have seen a few on eBay but while they are not priced too badly the shipping is as much again as the dolls so impractical for me.

I rather like the look of the auburn-haired girl who I think is meant to be a florist. I’ll look forward to seeing pictures of each doll individually later.

If I have a tiny criticism of these dolls, it is just that they all have such big hair. Just my personal taste. I would like to see one with something similar to the original Sindy bob or the flip that was popular on the seventy’s dolls. I’m also really hoping there will be some fashions.


  1. These look slightly different to the ones on sale here in the UK. I purchased one with pink hair, who is a hairdresser. She is not too unlike the old ones, but slightly shorter, and all her joints move. There is rather a lot of hair, but I won’t be cutting it. The older ones have eyelashes, but these ones don’t. It’s nice to see different hair colours and skin tones.

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    • This is supposed to be a picture of dolls they will release later this year. I think these playline dolls are a little bit more basic than the first series but in the UK they are selling for a very reasonable price and seem to have plenty of play value so I think that’s fine.


  2. Thank you for the update. I will be looking out for these gjrls. I also like the auburn haired girl. I have Fashion blogger who has very big hair. I can imagine children making a mess of it . I also have Pet Parlour still in her box. I hope they do more outfits although they’re not cheap at £10 each!

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