Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Fashionista #176 2020

Today’s Friday Guy is a recent purchase of Naomi’s. He is Fashionista #176. I’m never sure whether to call them Ken or not because the name doesn’t appear on the packaging any more.

Naomi is not sure what she will do with him yet but she sees him as a type of punk rocker. She says she may paint his hair a different colour. Zane was hoping to get those tartan pants but it turns out that they don’t fit him so this guy must be the slim body type.

He does have a nice expression and skin tone so I’m sure he’ll look good in whatever she puts him in.



  1. Not a fan of the tartan pants, but he has an appealing face and fun hair. I also got this doll with the idea of redressing him. Would love to see Mattel offer some male fashion separates.

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  2. I was a bit surprised Naomi thought she could use the pants but she said that with a different top and a jacket she could make them look quite different. I’m not sure what she’ll do with them now as Zane can’t wear them. I wish Mattel would make some male fashion separates too, Streetwear, not shorts or more tuxedos.


  3. I wonder what vintage Allan would look like in them? He’s such a fun fellow and seems to look great in all sorts of great stuff. You are reminding me I have a tartan for one of my really sout fellows.Happy Early Birthday Ken as it’s still the 10th here.I always thought Barbie and Ken should get hitched on the day between their birthdays..Ive seen your guy..but think I’ll see if Kattis dolls has him yet..for a blog..happy upcoming St. Patricks..

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    • The vintage dolls do have slimmer legs so probably could wear those pants but they might be a bit short. Need a boot with them. Ken did wear that kind of thing for leisure wear back in the day. Maybe for golf?


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