Fashion Doll Friday: Fashionista #168 2021

Today’s Friday Girl is Fashionista #168. Naomi got her for me in Launceston when she was there for a few days recently.

As you know I am not a big fan of dolls with odd coloured hair but this one does have a more appealing expression. Her eyes are really nice, I think. I did a search to see if there was any information about this doll I could share. Her body is the “new” 2019 body. It has smaller breasts and rounder hips according to one reviewer. To be honest when I first saw her, I thought that she was a Curvy Barbie. The newer Barbie’s seem shorter too. I think that the YouTube reviewer I was listening to said her face sculpt is called Neysa. There are so many face sculpts now. I need to catch up on them.

I do like her dress. I don’t really like that so many of the Fashionista’s have flat feet now but on the other hand I’m finally getting shoes I can put on Gigi that will fit her. I absolutely hated the pink hoop earrings. They look cheap and will catch on everything. I have already taken them off her and will try to find her some better ones.

The other thing I do like are these new zip up packages. They will be handy for storage. The dolls are a lot easier to get out now too. They are not using as many of those awful plastic ties that you have to snip.

So far Barbie is unnamed but I’ll introduce her again later when I ‘ve thought of one.


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  1. Very vibrant coloured hair! She will be an interesting doll to redress. It was definitely a smart move to lose the earrings. I agree that those zip-up packages are a wonderful improvement. Have fun with your new doll!

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