Fun With Fashions: Part One

Today I want to share some new fashions that I recently bought from an eBay seller in China who goes by eva-dollhouse. They sell mostly fashion doll clothing and a few generic dolls and doll bodies. Most of the clothes are not expensive and postage to Australia is free. I have had a few issues with fit because there are now so many different Barbie body types and the seller doesn’t specify what body the clothing is made for. However, as I have just about every type of body type, they are always going to fit someone.

Some of the clothing that Naomi has given me recently also came from this seller, I think.

I also recently bought this outfit which Twilight Victoria is currently wearing.

Twilight Victoria in outfit from Eva-Dollhouse

Here is another recent purchase. Mock leather pants, a crop top and a silver and black jacket. I actually bought this with Tris in mind. However, I had a couple of issues with it. The pants fit but they are snug and the Velcro on the back only just does up. The Velcro on the white top came half unstitched when I tried to put it on Tris so she’s actually wearing a substitute top until I mend it. The jacket is fine but we have noticed that some of these metallic fabrics seem to fade in time. Naomi has some jackets and pants for the guys that are losing their shine already. Still, as I said this is relatively cheap clothing, at least the things I bought were. Nice things for Ken usually cost more. These pants would certainly not fit the current playline body, nor do they fit the TNT body. I haven’t tried them on any others as yet. Tris has articulated legs which did help.

I bought these culottes because they have a bit of a disco look. Eventually I will probably give them to Asha or Dee Dee. They are being modelled by one of my recently acquired play line Barbies. She is a little short for them and I would love to have put her in some platform heels but as she has flat feet hardly anything fits her.

Here is a colourful dress and a faux fur coat being modelled by Serena. This outfit is well made and ought to fit most body types.

I have several more outfits to show you and I had some fun trying them on different body types so I’ll show you those in my next post. In the meantime, here is a link to the seller.



  1. So many pretty outfits! My favs are the dress with the butterfly print skirt and Tris’ black outfit. Metallics and pleather are so tempting, but yes, they do not last very well.
    Thanks for the ebay seller’s ID. I bought a jeans/top/red hoodie set from mybeautyshop2014 The top I got was not a tank top, but a short-slleeved top. However, I am not complaining as it all fits the long-haired Signature Looks Ken doll. No opening on the top so it’s a bit of a tight squeeze to get over his head, but everything fits fine. He’s relieved to get out of those silver pants! These ebay sellers are great for providing pants for Ken dolls at an affordable price.

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