Another Sindy Update

I was not expecting to write another doll post about Sindy so soon. Today I received an email with exciting news. The new Sindy dolls that I mentioned last week will be available to buy in Australia through Superstar Dolls, a Sydney store based in Bexley. They will cost $A79.95 with flat rate postage of $9.95. A 10% discount is offered for sales of $100 or more.

The dolls shown in the photos are still in the prototype stage but they are available for pre-order now.

My Collector Sindy from 2020.

I decided to go ahead and order one, the flower shop girl, as she is the only one I really like a lot of this issue.

I have included a link to the webpage here. If you press the “Shop Now” button you will be taken to the store webpage and clicking on the Sindy photo will get you to pictures of each doll. Remember they are prototypes, the final versions may be a bit different. I think they will be ready mid year.

Naturally I’ll show off new Sindy when she arrives. I think these play sets are great for kids as there is a lot of play value in them. For myself I’d have been happy with a doll and maybe an extra outfit but I’m just pleased that there are Sindy dolls to buy again. There are rather a lot with coloured hair or just big hair in this series but the one I have picked has nice auburn hair and not too much of it. I’m looking forward to getting her in a few months. She’ll be my 65th birthday present to myself. My birthday is in May so the timing may work out well.


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