Fun With Fashions: Part Two

For this post I took four dolls with four different body types and tried each outfit on at least two of them. I grabbed the girls pretty much at random. Beverly and Hope needed to come upstairs for a tidy up. Hope needs her ponytail redone. Fashionista was still out from her recent photo session and Serena just happened to be naked at the time. Some of the photos were taken outside so I didn’t worry about shoes for most of the shots. Too much risk of losing them off the balcony.

The Models:

  • Serena- TNT body
  • Beverly- Model Muse body
  • Fashionista #168- 2019 Play line body
  • Hope- Fashion Fever Wave C

The Fashions:

Black party dress: This dress fit all three models quite well. It was more high-waisted than I expected. It is a loose fit on Serena who has a tiny waist.

Pink print dress: This dress also fit each model without any problems. It does look loose on Beverly. I wouldn’t mind this dress in another colour, maybe a green or blue.

Jeans and Shirt: As I expected these jeans were way too loose on Serena and Beverly even after tucking the shirt into the waist. On the other hand, they were a very good fit on the Fashionista. The Velcro fastening is at the front on these jeans so if they were too tight it would be very noticeable. As for the shirt, it is rather small on all the dolls. I expected it to be on Serena who has a larger bust. It was a better fit on Beverly. Fashionista has a small bust but a wider torso so it was still snug. Real life problems.

Pink dress with straps: This dress fit both Serena and Hope quite well. I forgot to try it on Beverly but I’m sure it would have been a good fit on her as well. I’m doubtful that I could have got it over Fashionista’s hips.

Multi piece white dress with trim: I thought that this outfit would be very versatile as it came with two pieces that could be worn a number of ways as well as a wrap and a belt. I tried this on every model to see how it would fit and how many combinations I could have. The dress is made of some kind of elasticated fabric and it was quite hard to ease it onto some of the dolls bodies. Beverly was the easiest, for her I used the smaller piece as a top but with the frill at the top. Hope is wearing just the larger piece as a mini dress. Serena has the larger piece as a top and the smaller one as a skirt. It was quite difficult to get that over her hips. In the next photo Beverly has the smaller piece as a top again but the other way up. Fashionista has the larger piece as a skirt. I wasn’t going to try getting it any further up that that.

Finally, here are our models posing together. I had fun trying all these outfits on the girls and on the whole I’m pretty happy with them.



  1. Fun to see the fashion show and how the same outfit can look on different body sizes. I’m not usually a ruffles-type person, but my fav outfit is the white & silver. It makes a cute mini dress and an attractive top with the blue metallic skirt.

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    • I’m not really a ruffles person myself but wanted to see how the top would look the other way up. I think my favourites were the mini dress on Hope and the top and skirt how Serena wore it. The top did work well with that skirt too.


  2. The girls all look great in the different outfits and just like us real ladies one size does not always fit all, especially jeans! I always look forward to the fashion shoots, keep all the posts coming! We all enjoy them.

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