Recent Dolls Redressed

Here are some dolls that have featured in previous posts redressed.

Fashionista #176

First, Fashionista #176. Naomi says she still intends to paint his hair later so when that happens we’ll show you how that looks.

Hasbro Mulan

I could not find any other shoes to fit Mulan. She has very large feet. It will limit what she can wear in the future. Today she has a generic outfit I have had in my stash for some years. It is quite a good fit despite the fact that her body shape is different from any Mattel are making.

Fashion Fever Drew

Finally, here is Fashion Fever Drew. I changed her hair and dressed her in a Fashion Fever outfit which is more like what she originally wore.



  1. Oh wow, the Fashionista guy looks so much better in his new outfit. Clothes really do make the man – LOL! Mulan looks much more relaxed in her casual outfit – love that jacket! Drew’s flowers & denim outfit is sweet. It looks like you had fun redressing these dolls, and they all look happier in their new clothes. 🙂

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  2. I am getting affectionate for this guys potential. I wonder if he can wear the slim vintage Ken/Allan slacks. The olive green ones would be fun . I’d love to play with this fun guy..he looks great in almost everything..So on my wish-list!

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