Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Holiday Barbies 2021

Today we have two Friday Girls. They are the Hispanic and Caucasian Holiday Barbies from last year. Naomi got them for me when she went to Launceston.

I have deboxed the girls so I could have a look at their outfits but for the moment they will be for display. I was a bit concerned about these metallic bodices but when you take them off the dress is very nice. I was worried that they might be moulded on. I like that these dolls have the Model Muse bodies even though that double bent arm pose is my least favourite of all of them. I haven’t seen the AA Holiday doll on sale here which is not unusual but I have to confess that normally I don’t look for the Holiday Barbies.



  1. I collect the play line Christmas dolls. I didn’t see any for 2021, but I could’ve just missed seeing it. I especially like the ones with holiday sweaters, coats,pants, and mittens. Reminds me of being a kid except I never got holiday sweaters. I would really like to find some winter coats for my Barbie, Ken,etc at a decent price( shall we pray?!!what’s that?!). I can’t sew,or I’d make my own for them.

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    • We rarely saw those Holiday Barbies in winter clothing but as Christmas falls in summer here Holiday Sweaters are not really a thing. I hear you about the coats though. When did Mattel last make one for Barbie? Surely it gets cold in Malibu too? We are lucky to have a collection of older ones for the girls. The guys have leather jackets and some jackets and coats from action figures.


      • Some of the ebay sellers based in China have very nice winter coats with hoods and working zippers. They list them as for 11.5 in. dolls, not specifically Barbie – probably because of issues with Mattel. They are inexpensive and the workmanship is quite good.

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  2. They are both beautiful dolls and the dresses are pretty. I do have one holiday jumper. It is a Barbie one, black with a Christmas tree on the front. More coats would be good.

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