Signature Looks #5 Restyled

I thought that you would like to see how Naomi restyled Signature Looks #5.

We were a bit uncertain about what to do about his hair. There was not enough of it to cover up the flocked area so initially Naomi put him in a knitted beanie. Later, she found the bandana from a Harley Davidson Ken. That worked much better we thought so Kash, as he is now known, will be keeping it. He has also had a shave as you can see.

His outfit is the same so far but with the addition of a sleeveless jacket and sunglasses. Naomi does have some motorcycles packed so when we can get to them, we might photograph them again.



  1. He looks great with his new look. I also have this guy aka Jared. Mine is still in his original clothes and I haven’t tried to change anything. I would probably end up ruining him in some way. Naomi has done a great job with Kash.

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    • It’s always a bit scary to try and do anything permanent to expensive dolls. If she’d used a wig, I don’t think she would have glued it but I think the bandana is a great solution to hide a hairstyle we don’t care for.


  2. cool, I’d be tempted to color the flocked portion to match or go deeper than his eyebrows. I dyed a neon green ,head before with a red Rit dye. It looks brown now.I want this guy and the AA male. Great blog.

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