Fashion Doll Friday: Ideal Tammy c1963

It’s a while since we had a vintage doll for our Friday Girl so today, we’re having one of my Ideal Tammy’s. She is a lovely high colour doll with the darkest hair of all my Tammy family dolls. I’d really like to get a brunette one day. She is on the original straight Tammy body.

Her outfit is homemade but I think it is one of those pre-printed cut and sew outfits that were popular in the 1960s when little girls were expected to learn to sew.

As I was using Naomi’s Bratz Bar for a background for the photos I decided to send Tammy to the beach via my photo editing program.



  1. She is beautiful and I love the colour of her outfit. I wear that shade of green myself a lot. I have a very similar Tammy with slightly lighter hair. I got her on EBay from Wisconsin. I don ‘t have any genuine Tammy clothes though. Here’s hoping!

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