Toy Newz is copying my posts

A reader, Ms Leo, has just let me know that this site is copying my posts. I remember this happening last year I think it was and at first, I would get a ping back which I approved. I don’t mind reblogs, I’m always happy to share information but I went to check out the site and discovered that the whole thing was made up of posts from my and other toy collectors blogs. There was nothing from the site owner by way of explanation or acknowledgement of any of the bloggers used. I found that unacceptable and I am pretty sure I contacted them to say that I withdrew any permission I might have given them. I thought that would be the end of it.

Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Fashionista #176 2020

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. This morning I tried to use their “Contact Us” page to message them but it was quite strange. I was able to input my details but, in the space, where I wanted to write my message the writing was invisible until I highlighted it. I honestly don’t know if they got my message or not.

So, I am writing this post so that the person or persons who run Toy Newz will know that I am not happy with them. I don’t want them copying my posts with no explanation as to who wrote it even if there is a link back to my site.

If I have to, I will take further steps to stop this happening so Toy Newz please stop it now.



  1. Good for you, as you say it’s not too bad if acknowledged correctly but otherwise it’s Plagiarism, Stealing really. Hope it works out without too much stress involved.

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  2. One of the people in a Facebook group for which I am the admin posted about her blog being copied by this site yesterday. I just went and took a look and they have been stealing your posts for ages. I also found another blog I follow was copied – SindySnap and I will let her know. As I scrolled on, I was horrified to find that my blog posts are copied as well. I have absolutely no idea how to stop this – I didn’t even know the site existed, let alone give permission for my blog posts to be shared. A couple of years ago I signed up to a site that supposedly would list my blog but then when nothing ever appeared, I ended my membership. Please keep us posted if you can figure out what to do.


  3. Here in the U.S. internet complaints can be filed with the FFC (Federal Trade Commission). Perhaps in other countries your governments may have something similar. YouTube has it’s own guidelines, but I think since this is going on so long, it’s better to nip it quickly. Hackers unfortunately, are every where and don’t care if they abuse others rights. If there is money made from ads on your sites, again fraud at a deeper level, and could be a government offense. Please check out your government’s websites for Internet fraud complaints as well as Word Press’s site for violations. Good luck! I was thinking about starting a blog, but more fraud with hackers are making me more hesitant, plus not sure I could handle it, I get very frustrated with technology and often want to throw my laptop out the window and bury it!


    • I remember we had something similar with another website a couple of years back and mass intervention by bloggers put a stop to it. Hopefully we can do the same with this one.


  4. I can understand your anger. I am always finding sites that are copying my blog photos, or selling them as downloads! There was even one lady who was selling miniature photo sets made from my photos! And there’s almost no way to make them stop. I hope you manage to stop Toy Newz. You put work into your blog and no one should use it for free.

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    • I think this site must collect posts via a bot of some kind because when I checked it yesterday I found posts by several bloggers including myself complaining about their plagiarism. You’d think a human admin would not post those wouldn’t you?


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