Fashion Doll Friday: Magic Jewel Ken 2002

Our Friday Guy this week is Magic Jewel Ken from 2001-2002. He was last featured in 2017. Ken used to live on my display shelf so he is still wearing his original outfit minus the plastic box he had Barbie’s necklace in. I still have that amongst my props, I’m sure. Currently Ken is awaiting a new shelf spot as he is one of the dolls still in a box. At least it is an accessible box. This Ken has the older type body which is a little chunkier than the ones used today.

When we first started collecting these rooted hair Ken’s in the late 90s, we thought they were such an improvement over the previous painted hair Ken dolls. Sadly, Mattel doesn’t do many rooted hair dolls today and if they do they seem to be very sparsely rooted and we have the half-flocked heads.



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