Vintage Games: Mystery Date

Today I wanted to show you another vintage board game from Naomi’s collection. Like the last one it’s not really doll related but the counters are miniature paper dolls.

The game is called Mystery Date and it is another Milton Bradley Game manufactured under licence by John Sands Australia.

Mystery Date Game

We don’t seem to have the instructions although I’m sure we could find them online if we look. The object seems to be to move your girl around the board picking up cards as instructed. To win you need to get a set of three cards to complete a date outfit. You then get to open the door in the middle and if your mystery date’s outfit matches yours you are the winner. Here is the board.

game board

The graphics are very nice and the girls remind me of the “I Wish I Were” and “Pillowfight!” figures. It is a pity that they don’t have actual date outfits to wear, isn’t it?

Playing pieces

Here are the playing cards. I’ve made up a set to show what you need to open the door.

Who could be behind the door? This would not be a match but I imagine that each time you open the door you would turn the page.

The Mystery Date

It looks like quite a fun game. We’ll have to play it if only to see what “The Dud” looks like.


I found a webpage about the game. It looks as if there have been several versions but I think this one might be the original. Here’s the link.



  1. This game was handed down to me by a cousin when I was a kid, and I’m afraid I always found the ‘dud’ more appealing than any of the guys you’re supposed to end up with, lol. Love that Integrity are releasing a Poppy Parker range based on the game, with the dud now a surprise doll – and they’ve made him hot!

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  2. cool. How much fun! I remember hearing about this game. I was aware growing up of various infatuations my sisters had. Bobby Sheran and Osmond bros,etc..So the dudd was actually what I was attracted to.I was attracted to an Allan v.s. Ken.. Too bad there wasn’t a G.I, Joe type.This game is graphically pleasing to be displayed.I imagine I would enjoy playing this game..

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