A Quick Question for Email Followers

Reader Helen who subscribes to the blog via email today commented that her notification email looked very different than the one she usually receives.

I have no idea why this might be. I read posts from the Reader myself so I have no idea how the emails normally look.

Has anyone else noticed a change? I know I have about 70 email subscribers. I’m thinking it may be the so-called WordPress “Happiness Engineers” fiddling with things again as there have been a lot of changes recently.

Most of us have probably experienced WordPress deleting followers from their blogs for no apparent reason. It has happened to many bloggers I know.

They have also been tinkering with the Plans. I’m sure many of you are aware of the new pricing plans. I found out in time to renew my subscription before the changes came in but I know have a notice on my blog saying I’m on a legacy plan. I’ll certainly have to change to a new plan next year. Either a free one which will oblige me to take down a lot of photos or one that costs three times as much as now. I’ll probably cough up the extra cash because I don’t want to ruin my archive of photos.

None of this may have anything to do with Helen’s issue. WordPress is weird. Just sayin’.



  1. Yes, I noticed this week that the notification e-mail is different. However, it still has a “Comment” box that I can click on. That brings me to your blog. So, different but not a problem for me.
    As for the cost, if your fees go up next year you could ask readers to voluntarily contirbute whatever they can afford via personal transactions via PayPal. After all, your archive of posts and photos is a resource for those of us who read your blog.


    • I’m glad to know you are still getting emails so perhaps the change is just WordPress being WordPress.
      Luckily I found out about the price hike just before I was due to renew so it gives me another year to see if they bring out a cheaper plan.
      I never wanted to charge people to read this blog but if it gets too difficult financially I may do as you suggest because I do think the photo archive is valuable to others.


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