Fashion Doll Friday: Generic Fashion Doll 2021

Today’s Friday Guy is a little different from the usual. Naomi bought a head and an articulated body separately from an eBay seller in China to make him up.

Zoran is the name he goes by. As you can see, he has black hair which is quite unusual. Some of the generic heads are pretty ugly but this one is nice and apart from being very light weight he is well made. His outfit is also from eBay and I think the colours suit him quite well.



  1. Question: did you upgrade/change how the posts were sent to us subscribers? My email for today was a VERY different set up. I wondered if this was a hacker issue or you upgraded to a different lay out. I like this guy’s face and the black hair, he’s more striking in his looks.

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    • Hi Helen, no I haven’t changed anything in my settings. It is quite possible that WordPress has though. A lot of bloggers I know frequently complain that they don’t get notified when someone they follow posts or that they have had followers deleted. I read posts from the reader myself not via email subscription so I don’t know what the normal set up looks like. Perhaps others could comment if things look different to them. The only issue I’ve had is with Toynewz copying my posts without my permission.


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