Vintage Games: Twiggy

Today we thought we’d share another of Naomi’s vintage board games. This one is based on Twiggy, the famous British model of the 1960s. While it is not strictly doll related it does have lovely graphics.

Naomi has a Twiggy fashion doll who we have featured before.

Twiggy in her original outfit plus stockings.

Here is the box. It’s another Milton Bradley game made in Australia by John Sands.

Inside the box you can see four Twiggy dolls which are the playing pieces. There are plastic stands in the side part of the box.

The object of the game is to collect the cards as you go round the board which match the picture of Twiggy on the game board.

The graphics of this game are so nice and the game is in really great condition for its age. It even still has the rules!

We haven’t played this game yet but it doesn’t look hard so we might have to do that one day. Naomi has another vintage game we will post about shortly and some other toys which I have already photographed.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the Twiggy game.



  1. The game is in amazing condition. I wonder if Twiggy herself has a copy. She still looks just as good now as she did then. I also have the Twiggy doll but not her original outfit. I got mine from an EBay seller in the U.S. The outfits for her are beyond my budget. I knitted her a yellow, blue and green dress myself instead. She looks best in the 60s and 70s clothes. Modern clothes do not really suit her (in my opinion)

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  2. That was lucky. BTW have you seen Mattel’s Queen Elizabeth platinum jubilee doll? They are on sale on Amazon but at £94.99 are way beyond my budget. I will stick to my OOAK Sindy for now!

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    • I did see a photo of one yesterday. Out of my budget too although I think they did a good job. I would not be able to play with that doll even if she were not expensive. I can’t undress the Queen!


  3. What a beautiful game! It’s in amazing condition and the graphics are wonderful. So nice to have the Twiggy doll in her original outfit.


  4. Wonderful! The illustrations are gorgeous. I only have Twiggy from Franklin Mint right now, but love the Barbie Twiggy as well. 🙂


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