Vintage Casdon toy sink unit

Today we’d like to show you this Casdon toy sink unit which Naomi bought recently. It is too big for our fashion dolls but it is a nice prop to display with larger dolls or with our toy washing machine from the 1960s.

Here is the box, front and back. We haven’t tried it but it is a working unit. You fill the tank by means of a funnel at the top of the splashback. The taps work, and the water drains into a tank under the sink.

I can’t say that I remember hearing of Casdon toys but I found out that they are a British company and in fact are still operating today which makes a nice change.

Casdon was founded by Tom Cassidy in Blackpool, England, the name a combination of Cassidy and Donnelly, his wife’s maiden name. Casdon mostly made, and still makes replica household items like vacuum cleaners, washing machines, ovens, lawn mowers etc. If you would like to learn more about this family company, I have left a link at the end of this post.

Casdon Sink Unit

The unit is in pretty good condition for its age. There are no chips or cracks and the plastic has only yellowed in a couple of places. The drawers and doors work. After looking at the Casdon company timeline my guess is that this unit was produced during the late 1960s or early 1970s.

Tank under the sink
drawers and doors

The accessories are a dish rack and a set of dishes. A few of these are missing but we probably have some of a similar size.


Here is a close up of the sink. We don’t have the sink plug but I’m sure we could improvise.

We have a few more vintage toys and games to share in upcoming posts before we get back to dolls again.




  1. The sink is in very good condition and great that you still have the box. This was the time when things were made to look lifelike so kids could play at being .Mum and Dad. Now everything is made in pink plastic and not lifelike at all!

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  2. This is such a lovely sink unit. It looks to be late 60s to me, with those fancy taps. I think earlier ones might have been made of tin, and looked enamelled. At least that’s what I remember. I also remember a friend having a tiny stove, with a little paraffin heater that sat under the hob to heat things! Very not health and safety! I really wanted one of those. A nice 16” 50s/60s doll with high heels and stockings and appropriate dress, would go well with your unit.

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