Vintage Games: Patty Duke

Here is another vintage game from Naomi’s collection. This one features Patty Duke. Those of us who grew up in the 1960s may remember “The Patty Duke Show” (1963-66) in which she played two parts, Patty and her identical cousin Cathy. This is the show that this game is based on.

The game is another Milton Bradley game manufactured in Australia by John Sands. The box is in pretty good condition and the game pieces seem to all be there.

The object of this card-based game is to match Patty and Cathy’s activities. The rules look a little involved but I’m sure we will figure it out if we play it.

Here is the board with illustrations of Patty and Cathy around the sides. These old games do have wonderful graphics. They do look rather similar to the graphics in Twiggy so we wonder if they were done by the same artist, or possibly at Milton Bradley this was the house style?

We also wonder about these playing pieces. Why do they all look like men? You’d think they would have made girl figures for this game, wouldn’t you?

You can read more about the career of Patty Duke here.



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