Vintage Toy Cooking Utensils

When I was a little girl, I had a little baking set. I don’t remember everything that was in it but I do remember a metal bowl and a tiny set of patty pans. When mum baked, she used to let us bake sample cakes using the little cake tin.

Recently Naomi bought a set of toy cookware which looks to be a similar age, from the early 60s. It has some baking pans, cooking pots, a percolator and a little set of patty pans just like the one I used to have. Actually, Naomi says she still has the original somewhere. When we find it, we’ll photograph it.

Just like my old ones

These pots and pans are too big to be used with the Casdon sink unit. They are child sized not doll sized but if you were planning to invite some dolls to afternoon tea or dinner, I am sure they would be just right.

cooking pots
Casserole with lid

Here are some baking dishes, a bowl and a measuring cup. I especially like these little cookie cutters.

This percolator is very cute. It even has the plunger inside.

Coffee time!


  1. Just come back off holiday, and I’ve been catching up on your posts. These little cooking utensils are lovely, particularly the bun tins. Are they pressed tin? I vaguely remember having a few pots and pans and a little wooden stove – more like a tiny cupboard with painted rings on. I cooked up cold cabbage outer leaves, and fed them to the family 😂

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  2. So cute. That has jogged my memory of a little baking set that I had, little patty cake set but I remember a blue colour on utensils. A lovely memory thank you and a really nice find. Hope you find the original.

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  3. I vaguely remember a little set of cooking utensils and Mom letting me bake my mini cake when she did her baking. The percolator made me laugh as I remember Mom using a percolator for her coffee. How times have changed; it’s all specialty coffee makers now. Thanks for the memories.

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  4. Such good quality and like smaller versions of the real thing. I had plastic pans with faces on . My sister had the Homepride baking set and scales. She still loves cooking now unlike me. I prefer to play with my dolls!

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