Vintage Games: WOW! Pillow Fight Game

Here is another of the vintage games we enjoyed as children. Naomi actually has two versions of this game. One is an Australian made version by John Sands and the other is the original game by Milton Bradley. They are identical except for some branding on the boxes. I took a photo of each box so you can see the difference.

The object of the game is to remove the other player’s pieces by hitting them with a pillow catapulted over the wall. Milton Bradley made a similar game for boys called POW! Cannon Game.

Here is the game board. It is not set up quite correctly but you can see the figures and the beds. Below is the pink side of the wall. Again, nice graphics.

Game Board
The Wall

The playing pieces are cardboard figures of girls. There is a pink set and a blue set. I like that they have illustrated both the front and back of the girls. There is not a great variety of faces, only three different ones repeated for each side.

These two worried looking ladies are the Housemothers. When you set up the board the girls are placed on the black ovals at the edge of the board and the housemother stands on the next row facing them. As you advance your girls according to the directions on the spinner they must not go past the Housemother. The rules for this game actually look quite complicated when you first read them. I don’t know if rules would be printed in such tiny print for today’s 5–10-year-olds.

Here are the rules

Are you wondering why Naomi has two of these games? Sometimes with games especially we do buy two partial sets to make up a whole one. Naomi bought the John Sands version originally and although the box was not in great shape it was complete except for one missing doll stand. Naomi asked a friend if he could make her one and he said he would and asked her to bring over a doll and a stand so he could see how it was supposed to look. She did and he lost them in his shed. So, Naomi was now down two stands and one doll. Eventually she bought another game from the USA. It had all the dolls and stands and a better box. The original set does have the rules which the newer one does not.

I hope you have enjoyed a look at this old game. We used to have fun playing it. Maybe we will again.


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