Blogiversary #9

Here we are again, it’s the 9th anniversary of this blog. Not a lot has changed since last year. Many dolls are still in boxes as we’re still trying to get display space sorted out. I have put out a lot of the vintage fashion dolls but now I need to get more shelves put up. I brought the wooden shelves that I used for the dolls and my books with me from Geeveston. I just need someone to put them up for me as we don’t have a drill with a masonry bit. Once the holes are drilled in the right places, we could do the rest. It is pretty hard to get tradespeople when you live in the country and we don’t have partners, kids or grandkids to ask for help.

Of course, it hasn’t stopped us from buying more dolls. Remember how last year I said that I probably wouldn’t buy and more big dolls? Well, a few weeks ago I bought Connie who I showed you after I cleaned her up. She’s still waiting for a dress BTW.


I have bought several fashion dolls as fixer uppers. I get them in Op Shops for under $5. A few I liked enough to keep but others are being dressed and put aside. I may re-donate them or I may sell them to get my money back, so I can buy more dolls to fix up. My last buy was a $2 Rocker Barbie with crazy hair. I’ll show her off in the near future.

I have pre-ordered one of the new playline Sindy dolls. I’m still waiting for her. I quite like these new Sindy dolls. Well, I don’t care for the ones with coloured hair or big hair but there are others that I do like. I’m hoping that the company that makes them will continue to expand the line and hopefully produce better quality fashions than we are seeing from Mattel.

I do wonder what Mattel thinks that kids do with fashion dolls. For my generation it was about having nice outfits to change them into for their different activities. We created our own stories. Now, granted the stories that Naomi and I created were not so much about boyfriends and going on dates because that didn’t really interest us but we did enjoy having nice things for our dolls to wear. Naomi often says that she thinks that playing with fashion dolls was a way that children could learn about how to wear clothes; what pieces looked good together, how some colours suited some complexions and hair colours better than others and what clothing was suitable for particular events. I don’t think that really happens with today’s fashion doll clothing. Not in playline anyway. I think that play is probably more based on props. Hair play is still popular, as are pets and other activity-based items. Nothing wrong with that except when it is too gimmicky, but I do miss the pretty clothing.

Recently we have been showing some of our other vintage girls’ toys and games. We will probably continue to do this from time to time as we have a few other things that we could feature.

I must also get back to photographing paper dolls. Naomi still collects them but postage from the USA is so expensive now that she’s stopped buying repro paper doll sets. There are still birthdays and Christmas though :-).

At the moment I’m also going through some of my favourite Fashion Fever girls. It’s hard to believe that the first ones are coming up for 20 years old in the next year or two. I do use them quite a lot for photography and recently decided that I should tidy them up a bit. Hair gets a bit messy and rubber bands snap and need to be replaced. I had four of them out last week getting a tidy up. Three are ready to go back downstairs and get dressed. Hope and Kylie just needed their hair fixed.

Annette, below, needed her hair fixed but she turned out to be a bigger problem. I thought she just needed a new rubber band. Her hair is quite fine and when I combed it out it seemed very matted underneath so she ended up getting a shampoo and conditioner like the others but then I gave her a very quick dunk in boiling water. Then I noticed that she had a dye stain on the back of her leg. Annette had been wearing a tight black skirt for some weeks and I think that may have been the cause. So, at the moment she is in a very undignified state standing in a sunny window getting treated with Oxy 5. I’ll fix her hair when the treatment is done.

As I mentioned recently, I just renewed my WordPress plan before the new plans came in so I’m now on what is called a legacy plan. Next year when I renew my plan, I will have to move to a new one. I’m waiting to see if WP introduce some kind of intermediate plan as the free one won’t allow me to keep all the photos we currently have stored and the business one is way more expensive than the one I’m on now. After ten years of doing this I’m certainly not going to allow any of my pictures or posts to be deleted so if they don’t come up with something better, I guess I will be moving to a business plan anyway. As many of you know we have two blogs, three if you count Naomi’s bear blog which she’s not currently active in and probably won’t upgrade. I’ve always said that I would not monetize this blog because I don’t like the idea of charging friends and I consider our long-time followers to be friends. I already do Word Ads. I’m not sure how many of you see that. I imagine that most people use an ad blocker like I do. However, Word Ads gives me $100 about every two to three years. It won’t pay for the new plan although it does help. I’m going to give it some thought over the next few months and if I see no other way to keep things going, I may have to ask for your help. However, this is not something you have to worry about right now. If I need it, I’ll ask further down the track.

As this blog enters its tenth year, I do feel quite proud of myself for keeping it going for all this time and I’m so grateful to all of you who have been followers since the early days especially.



  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! Your blog has really been an inspiration to me and continues to do so. Annette is just gorgeous and I’m sure she won’t mind her treatment. I’m glad you like some of the playline Sindys. I’m really trying hard not to buy more dolls but it’s always a temptation!

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  2. Hurray – 9th Blogiversary! That’s a huge success. I hope you can keep it going. I’ll certainly contact WordPress and tell them they should have a hobbyist rate for people like you who add to our knowledge and cheer up our days. Connie looks great, and I’ve certainly followed up blog links you’ve given or which have appeared at the bottom of the page, and found them very interesting. I hope you manage to find someone to drill your holes. We just use a standard electric wired hammer drill with a special bit. My problem is I’m not great at drilling super straight holes, but I usually manage it.

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    • At the old house the walls were plasterboard and David drilled the holes for me. The walls here are either bricks or some kind of woodgrain panelling that is really hard to pierce. I had one wall of it at the old house and could not even hang a picture on it. When I moved, I took down all the shelves and brackets and brought them with me. Some had come from our previous house in Adelaide so I’d like to use them again especially as David cut and varnished all those shelves for me. He wasn’t much of a handyman but he did that.


    • Thanks, if I need to maybe I’ll just have a month of asking for a small donation before the subscription is due but I’m hoping that WP will find a middle ground.


  3. Congratulations on your 9th anniversary! I really like your blog because it’s not about buying the latest doll, but focuses more on the hunt for vintage dolls and rescue dolls. You and Naomi spend time enjoying the dolls you already have, redressing and restyling them.
    I empathize with you when it comes to finding tradespeople. I think they are an endangered species! I don’t know how close you live to your country neighbours, but perhaps they would be willing to help. It never hurts to ask. And do ask us, your readersfollowers, if you need donations to keep the blog going. Looking forward to many more posts.

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    • Naomi and I do have a lot of fun with our dolls and toys. For us it’s never been about just collecting something to sit on a shelf and be admired. Of course we do have vintage things that we don’t handle too much but we enjoy playing with our fashion dolls in a way we couldn’t if we only bought the high end designer dolls.


  4. Happy Blogiversary! I may have mentioned this before: your blog is a classic for me. 🙂 I hope that you’ll be able to find an acceptable solution to keep the blog going.

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    • I will keep it going no matter what. I am hoping that WordPress will bring in another plan somewhere between the free one and the business one but if they don’t then I will upgrade us. The media files I’ve saved here are a resource for me as well, especially all the Fashion Fever Closet shoots. I’m forever referring to the photos to remember which bit goes in which bag. I wouldn’t actually mind the higher price so much if WP would allow us to pay it monthly. That would be much more manageable.


  5. Happy 9th Blogiversary, that is an amazing achievement. We all love Vivienne and Jan’s fashion shows. Please keep them coming. It is great to see dolls brought back to former glory too. Thanks for such a great blog and all your best advice xx

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    • I’ll have to try and set another one of those shows up soon. I have a birthday coming up and I know that’s going to mean some new dolls clothes so probably by the end of the month.

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  6. Awesomeness personified.I love all the blogs and updates etc..Congrats on the 9 plus years.Impressive.Can’t wait to see what comes next.I don’t have shelve just bookcases and dressers,suitcases/steamer trunk and storage so far.

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