Fashion Doll Friday: “Alfie”

I am sorry for the late posting today. The weather was very nice and I spent some time working in the garden which meant that I didn’t have time to find a doll to take new photos of. Instead, I went into my archives and chose these photos. Our Friday guy is a Ken from the late 90s. I don’t know which one he was as I bought him second hand. He’d had a bit of a haircut but I thought he was still fine for dad and big brother characters. His name is Alfred, or Alfie, as his younger brothers call him. Alfie has been a Friday guy once before, back in 2014. These photos were taken at Naomi’s old house when she had an old-fashioned living room set up. We hope to recreate it again one day.

In the last photo you can see Alfie with his much younger brother Georgie who is of course one of the older Tommy’s. I actually like this Tommy better than the newer one with longer legs.



  1. Ken looks pretty stately in that coat.. perhaps he’d consider running for office, not much competition in our upcoming election!

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  2. Reminds me of Repunzel/blonde head and Scooby doo daphnes Fred. I’m looking for Fred and Shaggy, love character dolls. I love how you and Naomi restyle these beauhunks.Look forward to future man style. Great blog..

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