Fashion Doll Friday: Twilight Eclipse Alice

I am late posting again today because it was a beautiful sunny day and I spend several hours outside planting the last of our bulbs. Naomi and I bought a lot of bulbs this year, lots of daffodils and tulips as well as alliums, freesia’s, crocus and bluebells. The weather has been really wet this past week and while we need the rain, we don’t enjoy being outside in it so this was really the last chance before winter to get them in.

Well, after that involved explanation, here is our Friday Girl who is of course Twilight Eclipse Alice. She is brand new out of the box today as she is part of my birthday present from Naomi. I’ve always thought that Alice was one of the nicer Twilight dolls so I’m delighted to have her. The other main present was a shoebox filled with fashion doll clothing so of course we are going to have a fashion show to reveal them all. I may use Alice as one of the models.

We have a few things happening next week. Tomorrow, we have to go and vote, then we are going to a local church fair and out to lunch for my birthday. A day late because Naomi is doing her volunteer job today. Next week my friend Gillian is flying in from Melbourne for the day so another birthday lunch. Her birthday is exactly two weeks after mine. One day when I am at home, I’ll set up the show. There are some really great clothes so it should be fun.



  1. Happy Birthday, I hope you all have a lovely day together. The bulbs sound wonderful, and we all need rain. Do you get it very heavily in Tasmania. I’m afraid as a Manchester lass I’m inured to it! The new girl, April, sounds lovely. I’ve only got one film tie-in doll and that is Hermione from Harry Potter, bought for her wonderful hair and school uniform. By the way, since complaining about the WordPress price hike, I’ve been unable to leave a comment, as WordPress keeps trying to log me in, so now my comments are to a different Google address.

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  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like fun.I love the Alice doll, she is STILL on my Wish List.I use Speed Racer Trixy for my displays. All the Twilight dolls are fun, and have great eyes.
    Great blog, have a great week-end.

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  3. Happy Birthday I hope you’re having a wonderful time. Already looking forward to seeing all the clothes. I have just picked up a rooted hair Ken doll for £1.50 in a charity shop. It was worth it just to get his outfit (jeans and a checked shirt) I have washed and conditioned his hair to tame it. He looked like he had put his finger in an electric socket. I am just trying to find out which Ken he is now.

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    • Some of those Ken’s get pretty wild hair but I’m sure he’ll come up fine. Mattel used to make their Ken’s very similar to each other. You’d get a run with short dark hair, then we had a run of slightly longer blonde hair and once you change their clothes it can be hard to tell them apart.


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