Fashion Doll Friday: BTS “V” 2019

Our Friday Guy today is “V” from BTS. I admit that I don’t know much about this Korean boy band. Naomi has the whole set of these dolls NRFB and I have been meaning to post photos of them for a long time so this is the first one. I think that Naomi does intend to debox them at some point. We’ll be able to take some better photos then as they are articulated. I noticed that Amazon has him listed as an action figure. It’s a fine line between action figure and doll these days.



  1. He has a groovy hairstyle and great jacket. I have RM. from the group. He has black hair and a green patterned suit. I have renamed him Jay and deboxed him. He has a very articulated body so is good for photlshoots. He is good boyfriend for my Lea doll.

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