Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Snow White 1998

Today’s Friday Girl is Snow White from 1998. I got her the other day in a bunch of dolls from Naomi’s friend Annie. I’ll show you her before and after photos and talk more about her and the other dolls I’ve recently bought or been given in an upcoming post.

The red dress is an OOAK that I bought some years ago and I think it really suits her.



  1. She looks beautiful in the red dress.Blondes, and brunettes both look good in red
    Looking forward to the next post about your latest dolls.

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  2. I like yhis doll,wish they’d given her a bob haircur. The red dress is esquisite. Rwd according to Carole Jackson, of color me beautiful /book fame says true red is the color all women can wear.I find myself gravitate to red for that reason. I can still wear my true red dress evev though my hair is going more white around my face. Dolls with red lips are also my favorites.I bought the Mackie face Scarlet for that reason.The red dress is also a bonus. Sadly Ken/Rhett will be an accessory if I can find him from my favorite seller.I adore Princess dolls, and Snow White is my favorite.Lovely offering,fun blog and can’t wait for next months offering..

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