Fashion Doll Friday: Jewel Secrets Whitney 1986

No surprises that Jewel Secrets Whitney is our Friday Girl this week. I took a few photos of her in different outfits and with her hair loose and in a braid. The dress came from a Barbie bride doll from the mid 2000’s I think it was. It’s quite interesting because the dress comes in three parts so it can be worn with a full skirt, a long straight skirt or as a short dress. There is a little shrug to wear over the dress too so it’s quite versatile. Just the thing for the bride who can’t make up her mind what she wants.

The other outfit came from my box of older outfits. I put it on Whitney to show her in some brighter colours. I am not sure yet what her final outfit will be but she looks nice in both of these I think.



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