Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie Fairytopia Joybelle Aqua Blue Tattoo Glitter Fairy Doll 2004

Today’s Friday Girl is, I believe, Fairytopia Aqua Glitter Fairy Joybelle. I don’t know anything about the Fairytopia series as I don’t usually buy fairies, mermaids or even princesses. I believe there were made for TV movies and that there are also Fairytopia mermaids.

I will be posting more about how we acquired this doll and many others later today. Joybelle is in the condition she arrived in. I haven’t even cleaned her up yet. I am not sure if the flowers on her front are original or not. I thought they were but since then I have seen them on several other dolls who are not Fairytopia so I think they may have been added by her former owner. As you can see, she has rooted eyelashes which are very nice and her arms and legs are embellished with a moulded-on pattern. I understand from reading up on this doll that her original skirt could be turned into wings. There is a knob on her back which makes them flutter somehow.

As Joybelle is only a bit messy from storage I won’t need to do a lot with her. If her original outfit does not turn up, I’ll probably leave her in what she is wearing as it looks quite good on her.

I found a YouTube link to a review of this doll so you can see how she looked originally. I think that the wings must fold down over the overskirt when not in use.



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