Fashion Doll Friday: My Scene Club Disco Chelsea 2007

I have been doing Fashion Doll Friday for so long now that I sometimes wonder if I have anything new to show you. I don’t like to do repeats too often. Well that worry is a thing of the past now that we have four crates of dolls to go through!

Today’s Friday Girl is My Scene Club Disco Chelsea who I discovered in a box wearing her original outfit. I haven’t touched her yet but she’s in such nice condition that all she will need is a light clean as she is a bit dusty from storage. I wouldn’t be surprised if her gold brush is amongst the many accessories, I haven’t looked at yet.

I think this Chelsea is quite nice. My Scene dolls don’t have such ridiculously oversized heads as Bratz and Monster High. Well, the girls don’t Naomi commented that the boys’ heads seem larger in comparison. Not that I am knocking those dolls. I’ve fixed up quite a few for the OP Shop and I appreciate them for what they are but they are not for me. Of course, My Scene dolls can wear Barbie outfits and vice versa. They had some quite nice ones too as I recall. I do think Mattel is a bit lazy about names though. Did they really have to reuse Chelsea again?



  1. She is a cute doll! I’m on the fence with these big heads. Some don’t bother me and some don’t appeal to me at all. After all, the Sindy dolls have big heads and are very cute.

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    • That’s true. Sindy does have a large head and I love my Sindy’s to pieces. I think that the My Scenes are not so bad head size wise, until you put them next to a Barbie with a normal head. They look odd together. I’ve always had a bit of a thing about scale though. I don’t like to mix them.

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  2. She is a pretty doll. I have My Scene Kennedy and Madison (known as Westley in Europe) I read somewhere that Mattel brought out the My Scene dolls because Bratz were outselling Bsrbie. They have the same body as Barbie so they can share clothes.

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    • I read that too, they are a sort of toned down Bratz face. There are a couple more My Scene’s in the crates but I haven’t checked yet to see if they are in original condition.


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