Mystery Head

Today I want to show you another of the dolls from the doll collection that was given to us. This one is most definitely a Frankendolly. She has been put on to a Barbie body. We don’t recognise the make of this head.

It is quite a nicely made head, not squishy but not super hard either. Her lips have been re-painted at some stage. You can see that her eyes are quite detailed. Her hair is rather sparsely rooted at the centre but it is thick enough that she doesn’t have bald spots.

At the moment she is at Doll Spa getting the red transfer off and her hair washed and conditioned. I will post more photos later. We think she has a bit of a Marilyn Monroe thing going on so I’ll probably redress her in something slinky.

If anyone knows what doll this head came from we’d love to know.


  1. I lookrd there too,next Ill check in my clone bim. Unfortunately only half are tagged so far.Doll Junk is as good for the clothing as dolls.Sge does look familiar. wonder if I might see her in my Celebrity doll encyclopedia.

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