Reliable Connie has a new friend

Remember Connie, the doll I brought home from an Op Shop a couple of months back?

Since I cleaned her up Connie has been sitting around waiting for a new outfit. Today she got one and a new friend as well.

Amongst all the dolls we were given there was another box of dolls’ clothes. Today I went through it to see what was in there and found it was a mixture of baby clothes from Op Shops, some lovely hand knitted dresses and jackets and some little dresses that I believe Annie made. They were in different sizes so I was hopeful of finding something nice for Connie to wear. Several of the little dresses fit her. I chose this one.

Connie in her new dress

It is an excellent fit and I was lucky to find a pair of cotton panties that fit her as well. All she needs now are some little shoes or bootees. I think that outfit was certainly worth waiting for.

This is Connie’s new, as yet unnamed friend. She also came from Annie and arrived with her hair flattened down from years of being stored in a box. That was easily fixed and I found a dress and matching panties for her in the box. I have no idea who made her as all that is marked on her back is “Made in China”. I suspect she may be from the 90s or later.

Shortly the girls will be going downstairs to join the other big dolls but for now they are relaxing on my bed.

Connie and Friend


  1. Connie and her new friend are both pretty in pink. Sounds like you have some new outfits for the bigger dolls as well as the Barbies. It is always nice to change their outfits. That is the point of fashion dolls but finding fashion outfits for them is getting harder. In the UK we have Poundland which have cheap fashion dolls with extra outfits to buy. They are usually £3 each. The clothes are OK but not amazing quality.

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    • The quality of the Fashionista outfits is not amazing in my opinion but mostly I find that as they are one size fits all they don’t look that good on a lot of my dolls. I’m happy to buy good generic clothing when I see it. We did get some Barbie sized clothing too, some genuine Barbie, some clone and some home made. We’ll have some fun with those later.


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