Uneeda Doll Update

Today I decided to check on the Uneeda doll whose head I’d stuffed with wadding. I took it out and sadly the dent was still visible. I decided that I would try and do something with her hair and when the inside of her head was dry I would restuff it. While I had her head off I gave her face a good clean and used nail polish remover to get a coating of what I think was nail polish off her lips. I managed to save the original paint, it had been patchy in the first place, probably the reason it had been painted over but the polish was also coming off. Naomi thinks she could repaint the lips so that might happen in the future.

Uneeda doll head

I washed and conditioned her hair twice. The ends were frizzy and knotted and I ended up cutting the worst knots out. I didn’t want to cut too much because while she has a lot of hair at the back the top of her head was rather sparsely rooted.

I decided to risk a boil wash, a very quick one as I wasn’t sure how her hair would react. I didn’t completely untangle it in the end. I don’t enjoy working with curly hair as much as straight as I always worry about the curl coming out. In the end I used a few pins and a clip to create her hairstyle and I think it doesn’t look too bad. I used the hairdryer to dry the inside of her head before replacing the stuffing.

Then came the fun part. Finding her a new dress. There were some more fancy gowns in the box but I was rather taken with this little smocked dress. You don’t see smocking on little girls’ dresses so much now.

This is actually a baby dress and although the length was perfect it was very loose so I tied the belt around twice and used a safety pin at the back to make it fit more snugly. I still have to find some little shoes.

I think she turned out pretty well don’t you? Here’s a reminder of how she looked before.

Uneeda doll head


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