Barbie Fashions Around The World

Does anyone remember the magazine series from 2013 “Barbie Collection Around The World With Fashion”? I had just about forgotten about it. I do have one issue which David bought me. I didn’t continue on with it because here in Tasmania magazine part series are notoriously hard to collect. After a few issues the supply often seems to dry up. The local newsagent in Huonville was never very reliable anyway and I think it closed down around this time.

My one outfit from this collection

Anyway, amongst the crates and boxes of dolls from Annie’s place was one marked “Dolls Around The World 70 outfits”. Sure enough, inside were stacks of the magazine and outfits.

I have already had two sorting sessions with these. The first one to match all the outfits or part outfits with the relevant magazine and the second to put each issue into a zip lock bag. I ran out of bags at 42 and still have about another 20 to do so it is nearly the whole collection. There is a bag of accessories that must be matched to the appropriate bag too. Some outfits are missing pieces which I hope may turn up later, in some cases the outfit is there but not the magazine. None of them have shoes and I have no idea if they came with shoes originally. Does anyone know? These magazines often turn up on eBay, Etsy and other auction sites so they are not uncommon but I can’t imagine how much it would cost to buy an almost full set.

Of course I want to show you all the outfits so Vivienne, Becky, Jan, Midge, Myrtle and all their friends will have a great time trying all these on. It will probably be over a few months because there are a lot of outfits here.

I haven’t quite decided how to do it yet. It might be one a week or I might do half a dozen at a time less often. I might do some of each. I’d like to show the magazines too. I haven’t even looked inside them yet. Whichever way I decide you will get to see them all eventually.

Naomi said that Annie was very sad to part with these as they were favourites. I know I will have a lot of fun photographing the fashions and writing posts about them but once that is done we hope she will have enough room at home so that we can give them back to her to keep.



  1. I’d never heard of these. What a terrific find. Even if Annie doesn’t want them back I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to see them all put back in their proper places, and have the opportunity to see them all again online. They must be lovely memories for her if she played with her grandchildren. Good luck with all the sorting. Trish S

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  2. I have heard of the magazine but never seen one. I have the fur coat pictured above but not the hat or muff. Looking forward to seeing them in the fashion shows.

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