The Storage Container: Preamble

This is more story than pictures but bear with me as we set the scene for the upcoming fashion shoots.

The Cast:

Showrunners, organisers and photography:

  • Vivienne Cruikshank
  • Becky Cruikshank
  • Myrtle Sloane
  • Jan Edwards
  • Midge Atkins

Supporting Cast:


  • Natalie
  • Lisa
  • Penny
  • Petra
  • Shannon

“Oh my God!” Jan gasped. “Have I died and gone to heaven?”

She was standing at the entrance of a shipping container that had recently been delivered to the Cruikshank Department Store’s main warehouse. The container had been fitted out with racks and from those racks hung dozens of beautiful gowns encased in protective wrapping.

Vivienne smiled “I know just how you feel. We are so lucky to get the opportunity to have the loan of this collection for a few months. These dresses were created by some of the world’s best designers. I called you, and Myrtle,” she added nodding towards her, “because we have a tremendous amount of work to do. This collection needs to be properly catalogued and we want to produce a booklet to be sold when it is exhibited. All the profits will go to the Cruikshank Foundation of course.” (The Cruikshank Foundation was created by the family to support families in rural areas who need to travel to access healthcare not available to them.)

Becky spoke up to explain “We are going to be asking all the people who have participated in previous fashion shoots to help out. Vivienne and the two of you will each run separate shoots. We may also have some guest showrunners. We’re talking to a few people. We’re not sure how many sessions we’ll need to do yet. I will co-ordinate the models roster. All the shoots will take place here at the warehouse. We’ll have changing facilities set up. The collection is too valuable to be taken elsewhere until it goes on display. “

“Who will be doing the photography?” Jan asked “Not Dennis I hope.”

“Certainly not. ” said Vivienne. None of the girls liked the grumpy, football loving photographer. “I’ve already asked Midge if she will take the job on. Cruikshank’s will pay for any extra equipment and for her to take on any assistants that she needs for the job as she has waived salary.”

“Oh Midge, you never said a word.” squealed Jan.

“Vivienne asked me not to.” explained Midge. “She didn’t want word of this getting out too soon.”

“And now, let’s go and see the dresses.” smiled Vivienne. “I know you are just dying to try something on Jan so why don’t you and Myrtle each pick something out?”

Jan did not need to be asked twice and quickly made her choice. Myrtle was delighted to get the chance to try something on as well. Midge quickly set up her equipment to take a few photos of the beginning of the project.

Group Shot


  1. Wow, Jan and Myrtle look amazing in their choices. Looking forward to seeing the fashion shoots. They are always such great fun to read and the photos are great.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fun story! Great that Midge is replacing Dennis as the photographer. But, I think you need to include a brunette or redhead in your group of models. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the fashion shoots.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There will be both brunettes and redheads. These girls will be the showrunners and occasional models and each will recruit from the model pool when it is her turn so expect to see models of all shapes, sizes, complexions and hair colours. Some old friends and some new ones.


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