Fashion Doll Friday: Rio de Janeiro Lea 2002

Our Friday Girl today is straight out of a crate which I had labelled “Good Ones”.Dolls that may eventually join our play doll family as models. I think she is Lea although I know that Kayla sometimes also had this face sculpt. She has lovely black hair and her yes are hazel or light brown. Her eyeshadow is pink.

Lea’s lips have been repainted and the little flower on her neck was added by her previous owner. I think it is something of a signature as many of the dolls have these flowers on them somewhere.

Lea has the belly button body so I’m guessing she is Fashion Fever era. Her little shorts and top are a good fit but I’m not sure if they are from her original outfit or not. If anyone recognises her please comment and I’ll amend the post to show her true identity.

*Note: Reader Laurel suggested, and I agree, that she looks a lot like Rio de Janeiro Lea.



  1. She could be Lea. I have a Lea. Mine has more oriental looking eyes and red lips and dark dark brown hair with bangs. Yours is beautiful and will make a great model like Wendy has said. It must be best fun going through all these dolls,like finding buried treasure.

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