Vintage Paper Dolls: Whitman Bridal Cut-Outs 1965

Bridal Cut-Out’s Whitman 1965

Today I thought we would have a look at a book of vintage paper dolls that Naomi bought not too long ago.

This is a set of six dolls and was issued by Whitman, one of the main publishers of paper doll books. The set is in quite good condition. The dolls and clothes were cut out, I suspect by a child. Some of the dolls have tape on them but are in otherwise good condition. The clothes are all there except for a couple of hats I think.

Here is the wedding party.

As you can see, each doll is clearly marked and their outfits are tagged with different colours although somehow I still managed to mix them up. While I was taking their photos I imagined who these people might be. I think the Groom and Best Man look rather alike. Maybe they are brothers. They are wearing the standard shorts and T-shirt that all male paper dolls in wedding sets seemed to wear in the fifties and sixties. I always think that the grooms look a lot older than the brides too.

Maid of Honour I had thought might be the bride’s sister. I wondered if Flower Girl was her daughter but then she would be a Matron of Honour so I guess Flower Girl is a younger sister of both of them.

Bridesmaid is most probably the Bride’s best friend. I wonder if she has her eye on Best Man?Here they all are in their wedding attire. As you can see I accidentally swapped the dresses for Bridesmaid and MoH. However it doesn’t notice that much. They probably could wear each other’s clothes.

Wedding Party

Each doll came with some extra outfits as they usually do. As everything was already cut out I had fun trying them all on and creating some pre-wedding day photos.

Bride, Groom, MoH, Best Man and Bridesmaid

There is a little yellow beret that goes with Bride’s suit. I didn’t find it till I’d taken the photos. Have you noticed that Best Man is holding a pipe? Very un PC these days.

I thought that MoH’s outfit for this photo looked a bit odd and when I found a photo of the whole set online I found that the sleeve had been cut off her coat.

MoH, Bridesmaid, Best Man, Flower Girl
Bride and Attendants

Flower Girl seems to have been given more clothes than the adults but as she is smaller more outfits will fit on a page so that’s probably why. I think that’s a good thing in some ways because a child might relate more to the child doll than the adults. I know I did.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this vintage set. I thought that the graphics were very nice and I love the 60s fashions.



  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this. I am always looking out for ‘actual’ Vintage cut-out doll books like this and have never come across one! Love it. Cheers, Sharon


  2. Thanks for sharing this lovely paper doll set. It brings back a lot of good memories of playing with paper dolls. It’s nice when a vintage set is in good condition, but has the outfits cut out. Then you can have the fun of dressing the paper dolls without feeling guilty about cutting a pristine set.

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  3. Delightful! I love everything vintage of this time, our house is from 1965,and I love books,adds, toys,etc..My sister had a 50 ann. last month, and although the dresses were circa 1972 the princess lines were very similar.I would delight in finding such a treasurein future! Enjoy! Thanks for sharing! Awesome blog!

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