Playmates Amazing Allysen 2006

Amazing Allysen came home with Naomi one day recently and I wasn’t sure if I’d like her or not. Some years ago I owned Playmates Amazing Amy but she wasn’t a hit with me and I let her go to someone who would love her. My main gripe with Amy was that apart from the fact that she was disturbingly fond of medicine she did not have the words “please” or “thank you” in her vocabulary.

I was not sure what to expect from Amazing Allysen but to my surprise she is a very well spoken little girl. Here is a YouTube video I found about her.

Here is Allysen when she arrived.

Of course, the first thing to do was to give her a good clean. Not a bath because it would affect her mechanics but a wipe down and a hair conditioning treatment. I didn’t want to wash her hair so I sprayed it with a 50:50 mixture of fabric softener and warm water and combed it out. It is very thick so it took a while to do it section by section but in the end it came out quite well. I hope that I didn’t damage her sensors but I don’t have her special brush anyway. As you can probably see Allysen’s eyebrows and lips have faded but they can probably be painted back on. Her bracelet appears to be broken. I’m not sure yet if this does anything. Allysen’s clothes have sensors on them so that she will recognise them. If they are not plugged in she will ask to have them put on.

After her wash it was time to find out if Allysen can still speak. First of all I had to get some batteries for her. She takes 7 batteries, 3AAA and 4AA. I put them in but as I had no idea how she works I went online for a manual to download

Click to access AmazingAllysen.pdf

After a quick look through I was able to activate Allysen and she opened her eyes and started talking. As she has none of her accessories with her I can’t do all Allysen’s activities but she will still chat as demonstrated in the video.

I haven’t gone over all the instructions yet but I know that she can be activated by squeezing one of her hands. I haven’t worked out de-activating properly yet so unless I turn her off at the switch she just chats away nine to the dozen.

If they are not too expensive and hard to find I may try to find an accessory or two. Otherwise when we have finished playing with her I will take her batteries out and put her on display with other modern dolls.

Amazing Allysen in my room.


  1. You did a great job of cleaning her and fixing her hair. I’m not fond of interactive talking dolls, but she is a sweet display doll.

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