180 New Dolls: The Second Batch

I have a batch of dolls in the bathroom waiting to be cleaned up but I bypassed them because I wanted to clean up some dolls to use for “Around The World” and “Fashion Doll Friday”. Here are there “Before and After” stories.

“Beach Feet” dolls

Teresa After

There were several dolls with the larger flat feet in the crate. I recently showed you “A Mermaid’s Tale 2” Teresa. Here are some of her friends. I believe these are:

  • Tropical Beach Barbie 2012
  • Tropical Beach Teresa 2012
  • Cali Girl Teresa 2004
  • Cali Girl Horse Riding Lea 2005
  • Unknown Teresa

The girls all needed their hair fixed but that was easily done. Barbie had very grubby legs but the others were pretty clean.

Before and After

I think that Barbie is wearing her original outfit so I left it on her. The doll with the green earrings I thought might be Tropical Beach Teresa. Surf’s Up Teresa from 2007 has the same earrings but after looking on 1,000 Splendid Dolls I think her colouring is more like Tropical Beach Teresa.The butterfly clip in her hair was added by her previous owner.

Lea did not need much work but Cali Girl Teresa had some crazy hair going on.

The last Teresa was a bit more of a problem. She’d had her lips repainted but it looked a bit messy so I decided to clean it off with nail polish remover. Unfortunately I didn’t notice that some dripped onto her body and stained the vinyl in patches. She will look OK dressed but I’m annoyed with myself for that. Her lips will need repainting but at least now she has white teeth. I am still trying to work out who she is.

I did two other dolls with this lot but neither of them are beach dolls. Both had serious hair cuts. I will show you those next time with some others whose hair I still have to do.



  1. I think that you have done a fantastic job doing that doll hair is not easy.Well I wish I could doit many a time I’ve come across agood doll with terrible hair.What do those dam kids do ?.
    Anyway fab job keep going ,and another thing why matel obsessed with making so many flat feet dolls ? Keep the faith.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Those dolls have such huge feet. I liked their faces but never bought any at the time because I had no idea what I could put on their feet that would look nice.
      These dolls had just been in storage but possibly played with by grandchildren at some point. They were not too tangled though.


  2. I love the before and after slider photos. You can see just how much you have done to them. In all cases they look nearly new after you have finished with them. I think there are probably some sneakers out there that will fit the flat feet, though it is a nuisance trying to fit all the different feet they put on the dolls( then if your me, you manage to lose one of the sought after shoes!) Bigger dolls seem to have even more differences. I’ve resorted to knitting Ugg boots for them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The girls have very wide apart toes which makes the normal Barbie sneakers too small but I will keep looking. I’m always dropping the darn shoes myself. I managed to knock over a whole box of them the other day.


  3. Some more amazing transformations.We have all had the shoe problem. I have found that plastic tool boxes made to keep nails and screws in are great for storing dolls shoes. I have one for. Windy shoes, one for men’s shoes and one for miscellaneous shoes.

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    • I’m using something similar now. I have a lot of shoes in those little boxes with compartments but with the recent huge influx of shoes I had to get something else.


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