Fashion Doll Friday: Cali Girl Western Lea 2004

Today’s Friday Girl is Cali Girl Western Lea. This Lea has “beach feet” but in addition she has articulated limbs as she is meant to be a horse-riding doll.

Lea came from the 180 doll collection and despite the large feet that will make finding shoes for her a nightmare she is a lovely doll. I think she has a beautiful face. I liked her so much I decided to do a mini fashion shoot with her.

Lea’s outfits all came from the box of Barbie fashions that came with the dolls. I think most of them are probably Best Buys from the 90s. I haven’t researched any of them yet.

I took these photos on our deck because the trees make a nice background. I’m always careful when doing this because it would be a long drop to the ground from the second floor if one blew over. As you can see I did have a mishap just after this last photo was taken but luckily Lea fell onto the deck not off it.

Lea is about to fall


  1. Such a pretty face! And the colour variations in the hair are so attractive. I didn’t know any of the dolls with “Hobbit feet” or “beach feet” had articulation. It’s nice to be able to pose Lea and she looks lovely in all the outfits.

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  2. She is a beautiful doll, such a pretty face and nice colourong. I have had the same thing on a photo shoot where the wind catches the doll and knocks her over just as you’re taking the shot!

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