Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie & The Rockers Dee Dee 1985

Today’s Friday Girl is Dee Dee from the 1985 Barbie & The Rockers series. Dee Dee was last featured on Fashion Doll Friday way back in 2014 when I was just beginning and hadn’t perfected the format. After using her last week for “Fashion Around The World” I thought she deserved another go round. I never had Dee Dee’s original outfit, she has spent the last few years in my African American dolls display which sadly is still boxed while I try and create more space for them.

I’ve never done anything with Dee Dee’s hair because I was always afraid of ruining her curls. I’m a little more confident these days so maybe in the future I will, probably when the elastic breaks and I have to fix it. I found some retro clothing for Dee Dee to wear for a mini fashion shoot. We’re outside today because the sun came out for a while.



  1. Dee Dee has amazing hair and she looks great in both dresses. In my humble opinion the African American girls look great in bright colours. Mine usually end up in red,orange, golden yellow and cerise pink.

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  2. Such a pretty face with those vibrant colours. Both outfits are lovely, but the yellow is my favourite. Nice to see Dee Dee getting some photo time.

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