Reblog: Brenda Starr – A Collector’s View

This is a very interesting post about the Brenda Starr dolls by Madame Alexander and I thought I’d share it in case you hadn’t seen it on Maryann Roy’s blog. All photos by Maryann Roy.

Maryann Roy -Neo-Retro Furnishings & Set Design in 1:6 scale

Brenda Starr – Madame Alexander’s answer to the 12″ Fashion Doll craze of the 1960’s. Doll is wearing fashion #921 and Sunglasses by LizRetros

In 1964, the well known Madame Alexander Doll Company added a 12″ fashion doll to their line of fabulous couture dolls. This was most likely to compete with Mattel’s (by then, famous) Barbie doll. And, because Brenda Starr had a long strand of styleable hair, I suspect to compete with American Character’s Tressy doll whose appeal was hair that grows!

While it is unclear why Madame Alexander chose the Brenda Starr character as a model for her 12″ fashion doll, we do know that the doll herself was not quite a match for the bold and sexy 1950’s comic strip character of the same name. However, Dale Messick, creator of the Brenda Starr comic strip, did make a few appearances promoting Madame Alexander’s Brenda Starr…

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  1. This is a really interesting article. I had only heard of the Brenda Starr doll in the Collectible Barbie Doll book by Janine Fennick. It states her name was changed to Yolanda because the company chose not to pay the expensive licensing fees for the Brenda Starr name. She is pictured in front of her box in the red sheath dress.


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