Barbie Fashions Around The World: Part Two


Vivienne and her team were back at the warehouse the very next day to photograph more fashions. Vivienne had decided to continue with the African theme with fashions from Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa. Midge set up her lights and an Egyptian style backdrop. Becky was not available but Jan offered to help the models dress.

The Magazines:

The Showrunner:


The Crew:

Jan & Midge

Vivienne introduced the models to Midge and Jan. “You know Mbili of course and this is Candace who couldn’t make it yesterday. I’d also like you to meet Dandi who is one of our sales assistants and Annette who works for Davros Industries. Davros Industries is a major supporter of our foundation.”

NB: Mbili, Candace and Annette are part of my own collection. Dandi is one of the 180.

The Models:

  • Mbili-Model Muse body
  • Candace- Twist waist, Candi body
  • Dandi- bellybutton body
  • Annette – bellybutton body

The Fashions:

Annette was the first model to be photographed. The dress fit her perfectly and she combed her long hair out loose before donning the golden headdress.

NB: The backdrops for the first two photos are my own Egyptian pictures and brassware.



Mbili appeared next wearing the Egyptian inspired outfit. Everything fitted her well although the tiny button at the back of the collar proved to be a challenge. (This outfit may be my favourite so far).

Just as Midge was setting up to photograph Candace the power went out, leaving everyone in the dark. However, rather than wait to see how long the outage would last Jan made a suggestion.

“Why don’t we go out into the car park? The girls could pose in front of those trees.” Reluctantly, Vivienne agreed. She never liked working outside at the best of times but there was no telling how long the power might be off.


The Moroccan dress fit Candace quite well despite her being a full figured girl. (Candace could not wear any of last week’s outfits. They would not go over her hips.)

Dandi was quite happy to pose outside. Her dress has an interesting tie back which you can’t really see in these photos. The necklace for this outfit is missing.

South Africa

By the time that Midge had finished photographing the last two models the power had come back on so everyone returned inside for the group photos.

The Mystery Dress:

The mystery dress is an outfit that came without a magazine. I’m still trying to identify them.

Then it was time for the mystery dress. Vivienne tapped Jan on the shoulder. “You have been so helpful today Jan. Would you like to wear the dress?”

“Oh yes please.” replied Jan. She would wear them all if she could.



  1. I do love these fashion shows! I noticed that the magazine for the Egyptian outfit has a picture of the second palaeontologist Barbie. I guess archaeologists and palaeontologists can wear the same clothes!

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  2. These fashion shows are so much fun! Wonderful outfits and the magazines are really a treasure. The Egyptian inspired costume is my favourite, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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